yakshagaana.com is an online resource for all the information related to yakshagaana and other cultural practices found in malenadu region of Karnataka. Contents available are free to use but not to reproduce. Information gathered from various resources just to spread the fragrance of rich cultural heritage.

We are greatly thankful to Shree Subray Bhat, Gadigehole for contributing his huge collections to us. He is a great fan of yakshagaana being himself an artist. He is preserving the precious content from over three decades which made possible for all of us to listen and enjoy the voice of great maestros of yakshagaana and taalamaddale.

Yakshagaana.com thanks and will always remember the people below who directly or indirectly helped and supported to create and promote this portal.
Shree Dheemant Hegde
Shree Subrahmanya Hegde
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Shree Raghupati Bhat
Shree A N Hegde

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